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Common Questions


How does it work?

Our headphones have 3 audio channels that feed from a receiver. The channels or stations can be curated for you or designed by you and programmed into the receiver. The channels are represented by a specific color that lights up the headphones. Each user can change the channel through a switch on the side of their headphones.  For example, channel 1 may play country music, while channels 2 and 3 play pop and R&B allowing your guests to choose the music they want to listen to.

What is your cancellation policy?

You will receive a 75% refund if the cancelation is requested at least 14 days before your event date. Cancelation requests within 14 days of your event will receive a 50% refund or a charge. If the cancelation is within 24 hours of your event, you will be charged in full.

What is your return policy?

Once your event is over, we ask you place all items back into the case that was provided upon the delivery. We will send a currier to your location to inspect and return the materials to Rent N Rock HQ. The Contract holder or designated personnel 18 years or older must be present at the time of pick up.

Are these sanitary?

After each event, all rentals are sanitized with antibacterial products, checked for damage, and sound tested before being placed back into inventory. Upon request, we will include a set of disposable ear covers for the headphones.

How much does it cost?

The minimum order of headphones is 15. You can order them in increments of 5 up to 50 headphones. The base amount per headphone is $15.  As you increase the number of headphones ordered we will add a discount accordingly. 20 - 25 headphones will have a 5% discount, 30 - 35 will have a 10% discount, 40 - 45 will have a 15% discount and if you order all 50 it will be 20% off. A rush order fee will be added to your total cost if the order is placed within 5 days of the event.

How do I book an event?

The event planer can submit a request for a quote through our website. RNR will respond within 3 business days and provide a quote and contract of service. Once the order is confirmed, RNR will send a link to a secure payment portal. We accept most major credit cards. All other forms of payment will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

What if equipment I rented gets lost, stolen or broken?

The currier that comes to retrieve the rentals will take inventory of all items before returning to RNR HQ. If there are missing items you will be charged the full retail cost of the item. These costs are detailed fully in your rental agreement. Broken items will be assessed for 50% - 100% charge at the discretion of the RNR management.

For all other questions, comments or concerns, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 3 business days.

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